Monday, January 4, 2010

What can I say I love me some cowboys.....I think this cowboy themed baby shower would be amazing for a rehearsal dinner!

Libbie's Graduation Party!!

Libbie's Graduation Party was so fun to plan! We had it at the Train Depot in Norman, which is one of my favorite places to have events! I wanted it to be cheerful and fun and express each one of the girls personalities! If you don't know this group of girls ....I can only describe them as some of the most beautiful,smart, funny, compassionate, ambitious, stylish group of girls around!
Each girl had their own banner which displayed their senior pictures!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cowgirl Chic

My new favorite color is beginning to be yellow! I love this yellow themed wedding, it gives a awesome summer time feel with a little bit of southern swagger! This bride sums up me in a nutshell....a dress and cowboy boots ; my favorite!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Big 30!

Well when I started to Brainstorm about Stacie's 30th Birthday I tried to think of a few of her favorite things!


2.Hot tamales

3.Family and Friends!

So that was my inspiration!

So Jobe and I decided to do a low key relaxed Birthday celebration at their home!

We ordered our families favorite Johnny Carinos family sized pasta and pizza! It was super yummy!

I Incorporated red and black damask prints for the paper goods! A variety of Red candies filled the tables!

Hot Tamales, Roses, and Balloons!


Stacie, Jobe, Chad, Natalie and Baby Trease coming soon! :)

Once again....The cake was my favorite! I love the topsy turvy style and how well it matched with paper goods! The bottom was strawberry and the top was Stacie's favorite Red Velvet! The cake was followed by some delicious Pints of Rusty's Custard ( Chocolate Volcano ) my favorite! he he

The kiddos enjoying some pizza!

At one point the kiddos were MIA.....they were all found in Cash's crib! lol

Lincoln Sexton, Cole Nimmo, Parker Gladhill, Ella Sexton!

The party was a success!

Happy Birthday Marcus!

" I wear my Sunglasses at Night"
We celebrated Marcus's 26 Birthday at the Louie's West side Cigar Lounge! To be honest this, party really stumped me! First of all trying to make it not seem too themed and make it manly. Then what colors? or what theme? Many sleepless nights....ha ha!
Well, as you can see I picked


And it was a hit!

My wonderful dad punched all the letters out with the giant whole punch! I often put my family to work!

Louie's Cigar Lounge! It is perfect for any manly event! It is free to reserve and full of TV's, private bar, and Shuffle board!

I used large vases of green glow sticks to give a candle like glow! (and also they were great party favors and put everyone in a party mode)
I love these Giant number balloons! You can't see the 6..he was not turning 2! My mom loved when I sent her to pick up these balloons in the Oklahoma wind!

Dana , Liz and Stacie enjoying the party!

I printed a bunch of pictures of Marcus with his friends and family and put them on card stock for table decor! They are fun to look at--a way to make the birthday boy feel special-- and great convo starters with your friends reminiscing about old times!

I love these giant Martini glasses filled with candy! Luckily it was Easter season and I found green M&M's at Walmart! Usually custom colored M&M's can be a bit pricey!

I like the look of the tables in the lounge and did not want to cover them up with table instead I got black, white, and green card stock and cut them into large circles and placed them under the glow stick vases! It made the table pop without having to cover the whole table!
Every table had fun 80's neon sunglasses on them for party goers to get in the mood!
" I wear my sunglasses at night!"

The main Bar toppped with the plates, napkins, glow sticks, candy and lots of fun pics of Marcus and his friends!

I love cookie cakes and was very excited when Marcus decided this over a traditional cake!

Happy 26th Birthday!

Welcome our First Mate! Arrrrrrrr

My sister Stacie and her husband Jobe welcomed their First Mate Cash in September! Instead of the usual women filled baby shower we decided to have a "Family Baby Shower". That's how the Pirate theme came about! I wanted something boyish but not too babish--so we didn't scare all the men away! The pirates were perfect mixture of sweet baby boy and big boy fun!

This treasure chest full of goodies doubled as a wonderful table decoration and also our hostess gift! I filled it with many Pirate treasures!My favorite was the Pirate doll that teaches kids to tie their shoes, zip their coat, and button their sweaters! I got this at a wonderful toy store in Norman called Kidoodles (be sure and notice the kid size door!)

I found these wonderful Pirate Pinatas that are great table decorations and also super fun for the kids at the end of the shower!

This was probably my favorite addition to the shower! The Cake! (it was yummy too) I saw this baby cake in a magizine and thought it was adorable....but a little too plain for my shower! So I thought " Hey why not add a eye patch and a pirate striped scarf!" Look for ordinary baby decor and spice it up with your own party themed flair!

Welcome our First Mate!

Stacie and Jobe opening their many gifts with the adorable Pirate balloon looming over!

I had tons of Pirate attire for everyone to get in their own Pirate character!

For young and old!

Aiden looking good as a the Captain of the Sea!